As you pack up your sweaters for spring (SOON, ok?) be sure to arm them against those little bastards tineola bisselliella: the evil vile clothes moth. I do it with spice. Cedar is weak and mothballs are poisonous, but this: fragrant, easy, cheap and works. 

Get cinnamon sticks, cloves, lavender buds and bay leaves, heavy on the lavender. Take old tights, no matter the state of them, and stuff some of the spices and flowers in the toes and knot the leg: done. Hang these in closets, stuff in between sweaters. I also like pretty dishes of ground cinnamon and cloves, with some lavender and bay, sitting around, pot pourri-like. If it’s too late, try some visible mending (below)... 

And may all our winters be moth-free. 

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