MARY FRANCES: exuberant, petite, theatrical Texan with a gimlet eye for unique pieces from the 50s, 60s and 70s


Mary Frances was five-foot-two tall, and so was her hair: grown from when her daughter (who brought us her fabulous wardrobe) was born until she went off to college 20 years later. Mary loved red Mustang convertibles, musicals (both seeing them and acting in them), Christmas, sending greetings cards to her legion of friends, and traveling. Wherever she went she would hunt for treasure: in every kind of store from flea markets to Neiman Marcus, because Mary was a collector and curator, not only of gorgeous clothes, but of oyster plates, weighing scales, Barbie dolls, costume jewelry--you name it. She also owned at least three sewing machines on which she constructed costumes for her local community theater, hats for cult Houston/ Las Vegas couturiere Susie Creamcheese, and everything from sexy underwear to flannel nightgowns. Here we are delighted to show off the best fruits of that gimlet shopping eye, complete with her daughter's stories of times shared with her amazing mom.

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