Refashioner & Resale

Refashioner was the first online clothes redistribution engine.... 

Early 2009, I had the idea for a highly curated digital clothes swap. Refashioner v.1.0 launched the following year >


New York Times Style Magazine Refashioner launch story, Feb 2010

Here's the home page >

Original swap version 1.0 Refashioner landing page, 2010

And the general vibe (illustrations by the great Peter Arkle) > 

Original refashioner mission curated swapping for fashion bitchesOriginal refashioner mission Sample Sale Mistake come out of the closetOriginal refashioner mission Screw Ebay we have fashion police


Refashioner v.2.0. added buying and selling to the swap. Still all organized in personal closets >

Refashioner 2.0 home page fall winter 2012



Thousands of members stalked each other, literally. That's what we called it when they linked closets >


Refashioner V2.0 member closet




Gorgeous things flowed through. Always with stories>

Refashioner V2.0 typical garment details


And occasional insanity >

Refashioner V2.0 ridiculous versace jacket page



Here's the Manifesto >

Refashioner V2.0 Manifesto


But, frankly, we had developer issues  >

And I ended up walking away from the whole thing.  Of course, we may have been the first, but now we were far from alone! >


Refashioner 2013 pitch deck slide: the Mall of Owned Clothes


What drove this feeding frenzy in your closet was hard cash >



What drives me (I've dropped the "business we") is a dream of a giant shared closet. I think fashion is personal and should be traded that way. 

That's what Refashioner 3.0 here is all about.

And Visible Mending!  

And more to come... 

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