As we approach its second birthday, and in case you missed it at the time, I thought I'd remind us of the accidental comedy that is H&M's 2013 take back scheme launch: A creepy film by New York-Austrian artist Bela Borsodi, in which a gimp army steal all your clothes, then pin a Scandinavian shirt monster to an Earth made of the stonewashed jeans that killed it… 

Not to single them out because at least H&M are vocal about their efforts to be more sustainable ("Seven Commitments: Provide fashion for conscious customers; choose and reward responsible partners; be ethical; be climate smart; reduce, reuse and recycle; use natural resources responsibly; strengthen communities".)

And, as the Swedish chef who does the voiceover modestly points out: “What H&M are doing is really JOLLY good for our planet. And for everyone.”  

And they worked so so hard on that film: see this self-serious 'behind the scenes"!

And yet... take-back schemes may raise awareness, but mostly they just allow for more shopping. And while you're giving back at H&M, something new is very likely to catch your eye. Which they may have noticed contributing to their bottom line. 

I dunno, what do you think?

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