SONJA NUTTALL: Urban Zen cofounder with gorge Japanese/Belgian wardrobe, releases CDG, Ann & more


Currently championing new social platform, 8, after having built the Urban Zen Foundation alongside Donna Karan, Sonja is an artist, global creative director, fashion designer and activist. Her personal style is so distinctive that you could recognize her a mile away in the dark: think Japanese crossed with hip London (where she's from) and laid back island living. Her work spans many mediums, always exemplifying Sustainable Style and giving back to a cause. She is inspired by her love of humanity, preservation of culture and exploration of beauty through art. For Refashioner she's releasing some of her much loved yet under-used collectable pieces, including some Comme des Garçons gorgeousness.

"While it is no secret that Ms. Nuttall is known throughout the world as a leading designer, I can state from personal experience, not just reputation, that she is very imaginative & precise when it come to forecasting tomorrow's trends. Her intuition & talent have been critical components in the successful rise of her career." -Alexander McQueen

"Her level of knowledge in fabrics, washing, prints, serigraph, finishing, technical manufacture, patterns accessories, graphics, and marketing etc. together with her innate creative instinct are a testament to her terrific abilities." -Donna Karan

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