JESSE PARIS SMITH: composer, pianist, activist, wears 70s-80s vintage --& mom Patti’s Ann & Dries


Jesse Paris Smith is a composer, pianist, and percussionist. Fascinated by patterns and elements found in nature and their relationship to sound, she has a meticulous approach to voicing and arrangement and has become proficient on an obscure collection of natural instruments. Her interest in film composition developed while accompanying her mother Patti Smith's reading of poetry and writings on piano. In addition to composing for films, her music has been commissioned for commercials, art installations, book soundtracks, and live score performances. Jesse has collaborated and performed with many artists and performers, and has performed her own compositions on stages around the world. She is currently studying at the Sound and Music Institute in New York. She is also a member of the Associate Board at Tibet House US, and a curator and producer of the monthly event, Talking Stick at the Rubin Museum of Art.

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