What: ANOTHER reselling site?

No; the first. Refashioner was conceived in 2009 and the prototype launched in 2010: a curated swap with credit instead of cash.

Didn't you used to have more closets?

Yes, 2010-2014, we were an interactive community where thousands of members traded their good stuff, with stories, and stalked each other. 

Why don't you have more closets now?

(a) Control (b) Curation (c) Long story 

Is this it then?

Kind of. Though always adding more people, and more clothes. 

Why the stories?

Stories are to celebrate the memories attached to particular garments and to continue the narrative. It's the good pieces that attract stories because having a peak experience in a cheap polyester dress embroidered by child slaves is unlikely. 

So, you're into eco fashion?

Of course. Just: such an awful term. 

Will you sell my stuff?

At the moment we have such a backlog we're unlikely to have space. But there are always exceptions if your stuff is amazing and I love it! 

Why would anyone sell through you and not [insert name of one of the 80,000 resale sites]?

Clothes are personal. Refashioner is personal. Our people are precious. We pay more. 


What do you mean by "amazing"?

What I love best: Estates, personally collected vintage wardrobes, avant garde designers, not mass-produced, well looked after.  Doesn't have to be fancy. There must be stories attached to at least some pieces. 

What do you mean by "pay more"

We take enough to keep going, not to profit.

What about authenticity?

Everything is authentic. Period. 

You don't really have Bonnie Parker's wardrobe?  

No, any name in quotes has been chosen as that person's style archetype. Their bio is real.

Why pseudonyms?

Those few have good reasons to stay private, and they're worth it.

What's your return policy?

No catch, full refund, no restocking fee. You pay shipping. Details here.

Why can't you return handbags?

They don't have to fit. 



 * an email will do. Support@refashioner.com 

Illustrations: Peter Arkle