What We Did

FROM 2009 to 2015 Refashioner sold the best designer pieces and exceptional vintage from private collections. You can still see some here, though you cannot buy them any more. They are organized by owner and each garment comes complete with its own story.  

We invite you to meet the people who loved these clothes too much to just discard or soullessly sell them. My personal closet is here. A few have pseudonyms for privacy, though these prominent people put their closets on Refashioner because they believe in a highly personal clothes trade. 

All pieces here belong to these people

Nothing is "pre-owned". It's all owned. Let's tend and value what's in our closets. 


What Else We (used to) Do*

* This list dates from Refashioner days. The archive has changed, but is sizeable, and may still be available for photo shoots, styling, film & TV etc. Kate teaches, writes, and speaks frequently on related subjects, principally mending

Contact us for

  • Private shopping by appointment (you see here a small fraction of our pieces)

  • Personal shopping, sourcing, styling and incorporating vintage into your look

  • Closet clearing, with optional emotional support, and redistribution of surplus

  • Film, TV, theater, photoshoots, designer archive. If we don't have it, we find it

  • Teaching and speaking: the owned clothes boom, eco issues, better shopping

  • Estates and collections, we buy and/or help you to rehome at the best rates