As clothes stories go, this takes the prize…  Matthew Hubble, a top London civil engineer (among his projects: the Olympic Park and the London Underground) was inspired by his wife Maria to get into fashion. “Get into” meaning: train at Central St Martins & London College of Fashion, and start a business constructing incredibly gorgeous garments inspired by science. Specific science: graphene, turbine blades, electrophoresis, and that old favorite, the DNA helix. 

Then he started wondering why Nobel Prizewinners don’t get to wear couture like the Oscar crowd. And he identified the Nobel Laureate in Neuroscience, Professor May-Britt Moser as the ideal wearer of said couture, and he designed and made her a neuron-synapse-axon-cyton dress, constructed in navy silk and silver leather. The problem was, he had no idea how to contact her. So he… emailed. And, long story short, Professor Moser was beyond delighted to wear the dress in Stockholm. Of course she was, because: Look! It's exquisite and she looks amazing. 

Also I love that his name is Hubble. No relation to the telescope. I think.


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