KATE SEKULES: world’s worst vintage & designer overshopper gradually releasing closet back into the wild

This is my 20 Questions: On the original Refashioner everyone answered these in their Closet. (How I wish I still had them all...)
  • I'm from.... London, New York
  • Therefore I dress: With abandon
  • Now I live in: Brooklyn
  • If I were an item of clothing, I'd be… Something by Junya or Margiela, but with sequins
  • Things in my closet I couldn't live without: Ann Demeulemeester shoes
  • I can't resist… A wedge, vintage lurex. Stripe junkie
  • I wouldn't be seen dead in… Forever 21
  • I know I shouldn't, but I.... Keep thinking, "but I can just put it on Refashioner if I don't wear it"
  • Designers I love: Rei K, Junya, Dries, Maria Cornejo, Stella, Phoebe Philo, Christopher Kane, Gary Graham, Margiela (real), Isabel Marant, and so many anonymous designers behind vintage labels.
  • Overrated: Marc
  • The best local stores: Very very local? Bird, Eva Gentry, Olives Very Vintage
  • My favorite stores in the entire world: Various vintage markets, If (Soho), Dover Street Market London
  • I am (tall, short, mini, maxi, husky, a model... ): Medium, occasionally really tall
  • Heels or flats? Fleels
  • Polished or scrappy? Scrappy, to my chagrin
  • Sequins or lace? Both. Together
  • Tight or roomy? Both. Together
  • Thong, vpl, or commando? VPL of course
  • Diamonds, pearls or paste? Cameos and wood

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