I'm into clothes sharing, passing on the bounty, keeping the good stuff in circulation. And I've always thought the labels that produce the good stuff should recirculate their own pieces. Why don't stores feature self-vintage --not deadstock, but pre-worn? These out-of-print treasures could be priced even higher than this season's wares, because of rarity value, and also (let's face it) so as not to cannibalize by undercutting the designer's own new lines.

And it's happened!

marimekko rack of own vintage kyoto

In its area of the Kyoto department store Takashimaya (or was it Marui? Or Daimaru? Kick me, I don't remember) Marimekko has not one but four racks of gorgeous 60s and 70s pieces from its own archives. Bless its Finnish graphic cotton heart, everything about this is exactly as I dreamed it, right down to the fiendish prices. (I couldn't afford that brown zip dress with the white demilunes.) 

Now I just wish they'd all catch on.

Marimekko vintage rack in Kyoto

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