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Refashioner Story

In early 2009 I had this idea for a curated clothes swap site, which launched summer 2010. By v.2.0, late-2012, online resale ("recommerce") had become THE THING. But I want a human-sized, focused, deep, sweet & personal celebration of great designer and vintage with stories. I'm in this for love.           More >



The fashion industry needs us addicted to continuous churn. But mass brands deplete resources, poison our Earth and are often sewn by virtual slaves. And Luxury can be a glossy mirage, not so ethical or sustainable. Click through for some fashion facts you won't believe. Plus some solutions.        More >


Kate & Vintage

I have always loved and lived in vintage. I am older than you, so when I began collecting old clothes, they were just that: Old. Not so loved. I grew up in London by Portobello, and the pickings were phenomenal. I picked too much. I got my own stall, turning from junkie to dealer. I also had slightly surprising jobs.     More >