Dating vintage victorian or edwardian?

Don't you hate when you get your late-19th century and earliest-20th century pieces confused? Stacy Iannacone, owner of Soho NYC vintage & historical clothing mecca Ritual Vintage --celebrating its 10th birthday! is here to help with a visual cheat sheet to assist in your turn-of-the-20th-century collecting. So, in her own words...


"This is so Victorian it’s embarrassing. The silhouette is classic Victorian with a really high neck and ‘leg o’ mutton’ sleeve. There’s lots of boning inside so one would’ve had to wear a really intense corset under it. Obviously, the waist is about 20 inches.  So, there’s some serious deformity of the woman’s natural figure going on here that was very chic at the time. It’s from the 1890s..."


edwardian jacket Ritual vintage on refashioner

"...This is a later Edwardian piece. You can see how loose fitting it is in comparison, it’s so much less confined. This sort of thing is from around the WW1 period when women’s clothing was clearly influenced by men’s uniforms. Also, There’s more of an idea of rational dress; where one can move and work and do more physical duties because the men weren’t around to do it. And that’s about the difference of 20 or 25 years between the two periods. It’s a huge change..."


"..And here's another Edwardian piece, again with a very industrial and military influence to it. I have more Edwardian right now than Victorian. Over the years I’ve become more interested in early Edwardian..."

very early victorian capelet ritual vintage on refashioner

"..This is a really early Victorian piece. It’s beautiful and from around the 1860’s. You can tell that it’s been all hand cut and the beading is hand sewn as well..."


very early victorian jacket ritual vintage on refashioner

"...This is also very early, probably 1850’s. It’s for a tiny little woman and the drop shoulder with pagoda sleeves was popular at that time."

So now you know. Thank you Stacy. 


Edwardian shantung jacket for sale on refashioner

And this one's on Refashioner (with story, of course). We've only one Edwardian up for grabs at the moment. More coming: I'm with Stacy on the love of the antique garment.

Meanwhile, go visit Stacy at Ritual in Soho NYC! 

Stacy Iannacone Ritual vintage


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