CAT GREENLEAF chats on her stoop for a living. Envy. The Talk Stoop star prefers 60s, sneakers & quirk


Every New Yorker knows Cat Greenleaf and her famous stoop (not to mention her bulldog, Gracie*), partly from the snippets of her TV show that air on those little screens in taxis.  Her two-time Emmy Award winning program, Talk Stoop with Cat Greenleaf, is an interview show where stars stop by to drink coffee and spill the beans. Everyone's been on the Stoop: Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Schilling, Kim Kardashian, Deepak Chopra, Eli Manning... Hundreds of 'em. The show is viewed 12 million times a week and “is perfect for me," says Cat, "because I love to talk to people and I hate to leave the house”. Cat is also famous for always wearing sneakers--including on the Red Carpet. Bless.

* R.I.P. Gracie 

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