Zero Maria Cornejo Cat Sequin Silk Dress


This is such an amazing dress, at first glance an abstract splotchy print in shades of dark chocolate, it turns out on closer inspection to be a series of cat faces, their noses and eyes picked out in tiny black sequins. Its in the softest silk (with 5% Lycra) that's lined with plain black silk, and, as usual with Maria, it's a clever cut, drop shouldered, and tapered. It's a size 10, but would fit smaller and probably bigger too, but watch that taper. 

Measurements: Length 40", Bust (up to) 52", hip (up to) 42"

STORY: I have so very much Maria because of a persuasive friend in her atelier, and I wear her pieces almost all the time. But a few never get pulled for reasons I don't fully understand. This is gorgeous... But not on me. Never worn!

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