1990s Michael Kors Shift


1990s Michael Kors ivory shift dress --shot by Annie Leibovitz..!  A perfectly classic off-white shift dress circa 1995 in a substantial, soft 99% wool, 1% silk that has some natural stretch. Square neck, two darts at the bust, no lining (not needed), no vent. Made in Italy. Size 8 but works on smaller. Length 38", Bust 36" 

STORY: I needed a wedding dress! It was a few days before the big day and I was obviously not in the market for a traditional gown, not even close. I found this in a posh consignment store and just grabbed it: this'll do, I thought. I was working flat out at the time--I'm a food stylist--and didn't have time to mess about. Partly because of our work schedules, we hadn't done all the wedding nonsense, including not hiring a photographer. So how did this shot turn out so great, you may ask? One Annie Leibovitz happened to be working in the adjoining studio and my fiance-now-ex-husband used to be one of her assistants. So she stepped in, offered to take our portrait, and here you go.  Unfortunately that fancy shoot didn't make the marriage work. So, you win: take my dress! It looks great with the ivory moleskin (original) Helmut Lang jacket in a separate listing here. 

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