Zero Maria Cornejo Agate Silk Dress


A gorgeous simple long-sleeved bias cut frock featuring one of Maria Cornejo's wonderful prints she made from her own photographs. I say this is agate, but I think it's probably landscapes made abstract, and it's printed on the softest silk with a satin finish and a tiny bit of stretch. As you see, it's cleverly cut on the bias, with the stripes forming a chevron effect at the center in back and front, and the slightly dolman sleeves cut from the same piece so: no shoulder seams. It drapes softly, and is a flexible size: a 10 officially, but this gray chick's a 2/4 and it looks great on her too. Note the tiny stain in the detail shot. Not noticeable when it's on.

Measurements: Length 47", Bust (up to) 40", hip (up to) 42"

STORY: I have so very much Maria because of a persuasive friend in her atelier, and I wear her pieces almost all the time. But a few never get pulled for reasons I don't fully understand. This is gorgeous... But not on me. I wore it once  (and managed that tiny splodge).

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