Vintage 1950s American Mink Stole


A quintessential fur piece, from Shillito's Fur Salon of Cincinnati, this is fully lined Natural Pastel Mink from American bred animals. Fastens with a hook, fully lined, monogrammed in lining, perfect condition. 

STORY: Marie didn't write a memo for this, but she did have her monogram M.R.R. embroidered in the lining, as per tradition. She would have been proud of this piece; it was no doubt a star of her closet. 

EDITOR's NOTE: A word about fur. We do not approve of it, not at all, but vintage fur is different. VINTAGE fur should be used, tended, loved and worn. Otherwise the animals died in vain. The reason normally given for outlawing the wearing of all skins is that it's an advertisement for the look. No. Vintage fur is not a gateway drug. Nobody's going to look at you in a midcentury chinchilla shrug and suddenly feel the urge to race down to Saks for a brand new Michael Kors fox fur gilet. They might think, wow, didn't just everyone have their personal mink in the 1950s? Or: Doesn't vintage fur look completely different from those awful too-cheap jackets of dyed rabbits from China? Give a loving home to a fabulous vintage fur, and you might even start a valuable conversation.


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