1950s Burlap Appliquéd Circle Skirt


This 1950s burlap circle skirt with green giraffe appliqué & hand painting is truly the most fabulous, silliest, most adorable garment ever made. It's a simple flared circle skirt cut on the bias in natural hessian/ burlap on a one inch waistband, then Ethel of Beverly Hills has painted a tropical tree on it, and appliquéd some flowers, and a large smiling giraffe in green felt, with black wool mane and tail and a red felt tongue, and has hand painted markings onto that giraffe. And the piece of resistance: the giraffe has real pearl earrings. Faux pearls. It is pretty heavy, but hangs beautifully. Wear this, and you will always be the talking point of the room.

Measurements: waist 24",  length "

 STORY: Mary was a fearless dresser and loved the unusual. This was a special find and an investment. Ethel of Beverly Hills was a short lived (1958-1966) very high end boutique, better known for embellished sweaters, which aren't easy to come by and fetch high prices. I've never seen an Ethel skirt. From the style, this would be from the very beginning, 1958. 

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