Red Crepe Sequined 1930s Gown


This is a classic Old Hollywood cocktail dress in tomato red crepe with a scrolled design in old gold sequins. The only fault is: the sequins were becoming detatched, one scroll at a time. The simple fix: retrace the pattern in black wool, going over the lines a bit, for fun. It's still the classic piece it was, but now with a bit of subtle modernization. Fastens with a metal zipper at the side, close fitting, but some give owing to bias cut and natural stretch of the rayon crepe fabric (NOT lycra, good god) Aside from the Visible Mending, it's in good vintage condition. One small hole lower front left (not visible); 4" fraying at the seam back left of neckline--ask nicely and I'll mend it for you, even invisibly if you insist.) No labels at all, but it's approx Size 4.  

Measurements: Bust 33", Hip 35", shoulder 15", Length 52"

STORY: Old friend of Refashioner Ricky Becker of Spooky Vintage moved to the Midwest and offloaded a ton of treasures. This one he insisted I have because "it looks so great on you". Well, sadly, I got home and disagreed. Not just bias cut, but scarlet bias cut: hard to wear. Awful with tits. I should wear it anyway despite being, uh, bigger than the mannequin, but I seem to be not completely cured of crap thinking about weight. I really enjoyed doing its Visible Mending, but now it's hanging there all forlorn and accusingly. 




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