Stunning Sixties Sequin Ensemble


Beaming in direct from the late-60s or early-70s (my money's on 1969) is this showstopper dress and tunic set, entirely encrusted in raspberry milkshake sequins. At least, the top and the skirt part of the dress are, as you can see. The dress is a drop waist tank with the bodice made of the same soft acetate that lines the whole shebang. The tunic zips almost all the way down the back, has a high band collar (2" deep) and long sleeves. There are no tags at all, but it will fit a size 4 to 8, and fine on leaner frames if you're fairly tall. (The mannequin is 5'10" in her built-in heels). It's in great vintage condition, though missing the odd sequin as you'd expect. Nothing noticeable however. 

Measurements are: Dress: 36 bust, 53" long shoulder to hem. Skirt alone is 32" long. Bodice is 24" from shoulder to skirt top. Top: 38" bust, 16" shoulder seam to seam; 25" long. 

STORY: Borrowed from mama. Well, she is not going to wear it now: what a waste. The problem is, it's also wasted on moi, much as I adore seeing it winking at me from the closet. The color is just edible, but it is just not flattering on me. I hate that.


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