Romantic 1940s Cotton Chintz Floral Dress


A gorgeous maxi dress with a very full three-tiered skirt in a white green and pink floral cotton on black ground, a high fitted waistband (4" deep) and a short puffed-sleeve bodice of ribbed white cotton lawn edged with narrow black velvet ribbon. There are no labels, but I'd put this at late 1940s, on account of the metal side zip, pattern and style. It's a stunning piece in excellent vintage condition--probably never worn, but the bows on the sleeves are sewn on separately and are slightly squished.

It's a size 0 or 2, XS:
Waist 24", Bust 30"
Shoulder: 15"
sleeve: 7". Length 56"

STORY: Another one from my mom's incredible magic closet, though she got this in a vintage place, and she never wore it. She said there was no way it was ever going to fit her but she could not leave it behind--and I feel exactly the same way now it's hanging forlornly in my closet. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Thought I'd get it altered, but there's really no spare in the seams, and it seems a shame to mess with it, since it is PERFECT. It reminds me of that scene in Oklahoma where they're all dressing for the hoedown. Though: wrong period. But anyway, I gaze at it and it makes me happy. Please let it make you happy, smaller person. It ought to be taken to parties. 

From Candy Darling's Closet


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