Pink Silk Print Wrap Dress

A sweet little silk wrap dress in a most unusual print, featuring two Chinese people in historic dress, one man, one woman, repeated in rows right way up and upside down. The background color is a particularly yummy pink. It ties in the usual way for wrap dresses--as the label says, it's To Tie For (that's the make. Hilarious)--and there's a modesty hook and eye to prevent over-cleavage. It's size S, and there is not much room for adjustment; you'll probably show some leg while in motion. The ties are nice and long and there's a little collar. Made in USA. 

Measurements: bust 32", waist 25", shoulder 13"

STORY: I simply don't remember where I got this, but I've had it so long, it's almost become a pet. I must pass it on before I start feeding it. And it's very distracting on camera, very eyecatching--you will get comments!  Boys seem to love it for some reason.

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