Navy Twill Jacket 1920s or 1930s


A hand-sewn, and machined on a home machine, jacket in a late-1920s or early-30s style--or that's where I'm placing it, though it's hard to be accurate since it's not a commercial design, and there are certainly no labels of any kind. It's in a nice crunchy navy light wool twill, unlined and pocketless, distinguished by its deep turned back cuffs and the three inch waistband, ending in a half belt that fastens in front with one of the five gorgeous one-inch mother-of-pearl buttons. It's in amazingly good condition, with only a couple of tiny moth holes, not noticeable. And I think it looks amazingly modern. 

Measurements: Bust 40", waist 32", shoulder 15", Length 30", sleeve 21"

STORY: I love this jacket, the poignancy of the not-quite professional finish. I'm imagining a lady in upstate New York--where I got it, near Cooperstown--modeling it on the Paris fashions, maybe wearing it to church (it's quite sober, not for nights out), being complimented by the neighbors. I'm embellishing, ok, but it has great charisma, being utterly unique in the world. I don't really want to part with it, but, well I have too much. Duh. 




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