Mod 1960s Chiffon Overlay Dress


I think this is what they call a wiggle dress on Ebay. Well no it isn't, but it should be because when you wiggle in this, the chiffon overlay slides over the body of the dress, with its matching brown-on-ivory rhomboid print and just plain shimmers. You're a walking optical illusion. The top layer is open in back and edged with deep chestnut satin ribbon, with a bow at the top that snaps closed over the concealed zipper. The same fabric is used as piping at neck and armhole--it's nicely constructed. No labels of any sort, but it's about size 6, and it's made in two weights of polyester. 

Measurements: Bust 34", hip 38", shoulder 14", length 39"

STORY: Another one I stole from mom. I love it so much just as an object, but when it's on me: not so much. You know if this style suits you, so snap it the hell up! 

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