Milk Chocolate Satin 70s Blouse


A gorgeous glossy 1970s blouse in polyester of a kind of brown they just cannot do any more (in China or Bangladesh) --milk chocolate is exactly what it is: edible.  The collar's really cute with a ruffle around the back--wear with your hair up. You could also pin the neck to make it mandarin, though there's no button. The buttons there are are pretty self covered, and there are two on each cuff also, though they're not functional. It's made by Lecomte, who sound French but write care labels in English. Surely made in U.S.A. because: 1970s, when they weren't outsourcing.  

Measurements: bust 38", shoulder 15", length 22", sleeve 22"

STORY:  I've never worn this -- it's a boob issue. So often happens that if the shirt fits everywhere else, the buttons are funny.

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