Biba Panné Velvet Blazer


Such a snazzy jacket, this Biba revival --as in1990s, curvy blazer in a truly wild textured stripy panné velvet in all the colors of the sunset. The fit is divine, really shapely at the waist with a chic cutaway below the one button, and a wide lapel. It's officially a size 12, but that's an English 12, which is an 8, and I'd say, 20-something years later is more like a 4 or a 6. 


STORY: I wasn't thinking straight: I thought I was buying an original Biba but realized as soon as I got it home that it's from the second round: which is fine in its own right--the designer was Monica Zipper. But I'm afraid I couldn't look it in the eye any more, however fabulous it undoubtedly is, 1995 channeling 1972 does not work for someone who was there back in the day. And what is more, Barbara Hulanicki was not behind this relaunch, and I can't handle that. Don't let me put you off though. Is it too late? It's really a gorgeous jacket!

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