Shapely 1980s Colorful Striped Cotton Dress


JUST LOOK AT THOSE COLORS. Sorry to shout but I mean I ask you. This is the best of the 80s in a frock: beautifully made --in New York-- all cotton, and featuring insane silver buttons like little engraved snail sculptures. It's got darts for the hourglass shape, but fits a 6 perfectly, probably also a smallish 8--the size on the label is "9" but that isn't real.  It buttons all the way and has sleeves just shy of the elbow. I'm so sorry but I removed the shoulderpads. I always do. Trust me, it is improved. The solution for when you want to cheer up everyone within a mile.

Measurements: Bust 36", waist 30", shoulder 16", length 40"

STORY: I love love love this, but it just refuses to fit into my wardrobe--I mean, it's been 3 years and I still have never worn it once.  Scored from a vintage dealer at a popup in Brooklyn. 


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