Couture Dress by Vamps, Brooklyn


A fascinating handmade couture number by Michael Calloway of Vamps, a madly hard to find indy label now operating out of the Midwest but formerly of Brooklyn. Vamps pieces are magnificent one-of-a-kind, extemporary items, sewn with exuberance from pieces of other clothes, vintage fabrics and trimmings. This is so hard to describe I'm not even going to try. What you need to know is it's all cotton, boned bodice and long back metal zipper.  The back dips way down on the right beneath the bustle, with an extra piece of black nylon netting. 

Measurements: Bust 32", waist 26", Hip 37", Length 47" (train 55")

STORY: I had my eye on this dress for months, kept trying it on, not being able to justify the cost for something I wouldn't wear often. Then Michael started selling off his inventory before the move, and I realized I'd never stop wishing I'd bought it if I didn't, so I did. And guess what? I never have worn it. It's a bit squeezy around the middle (depending on state of weight) and it makes me sit up straight and I'm too lazy. Michael is a total genius, who was the protegé of the great Koos van den Akker (till his sad passing in 2015) and you can see why they got along; mixed fabrics, piecing, unconventional structure. I know I will regret losing this, but I must let someone else have a go. Priced below what I paid! 




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