Lanvin Cotton Shift, Ruffled Collar


The simplest of cotton shift dresses has the single feature of an enormous satin ruffle around the top, stiffened at the edges to be forever shapely. It's featherweight cotton jersey that would be see-through if it weren't such a dark navy, and the neckline dips in back. You could almost but not quite wear it off the shoulder, but it's engineered to stay in place. It's a size small and while it's about 40" at the widest point, it is better NOT tight. Oh and like most Lanvin, it's not exactly beautifully finished... But no faults.

Measurements: bust 36", hip 40", length 38"

STORY: I was in Paris, the guest of the most chic petite New Yorker I ever knew. It was a boiling hot day and she showed up in this dress, a scraped back chignon and little flats. Dazzling. "Who's that?" I asked, in genuine fashion manner.  "Lanvin," she said kindly, as if I'd known all along, because I ought to have known. "I bought everything from this season". Well. Not having the ability to buy a whole season's worth, or even actually one piece at full retail, I just put the dress in my internal Things I Most Want file and went on my way. Then, months later, I saw this! It was even the same color! At fancy consignment joint Ina, Soho. It still cost loads--about twice this (they take 50% commission on top of whatever the markup is. And this was the height of Alber Elbaz-Lanvin-mania). Still, I was ecstatic. Till I got it home and understood that it looks shite on me.  Anyway: your gain. It is a FABUlous number, throw it on and look amazing while feeling like you're in your nightie. 



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