The Curve Comeback (plus ça change)

The most popular article Clothes Show ever printed*! You will notice, nothing's changed

"Most of us are stuck in some degree of misery because our figure is more like Marilyn Monroe's than Olive Oyl's. When you consider that Monroe is still universally accepted as the sexiest woman ever**  and only Popeye fancied Olive Oyl, this does not make sense."


"If the whole spectrum of shapes, from MM to OO, were modeling clothes, selling products and playing glamorous ladies on celluloid, we'd feel OK about a curve here and a wobble there."


* Popularity was measured by "mailbag". People used to send actual letters to magazines! But was the body issue better or worse before email, internet, Facebook, Instagram, Selfies, Snapchat, texting, sexting, Tinder, Grindr...?

** Beyonce was ten years old at the time



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