Silk Jersey Diane von Furstenberg Dress


A Diane von Furstenberg silk jersey dress that is flattering and comfortable--a standout without trying! Nothing to say really: see the pix. It's a size, gawsh, it's a 6, but stretchy and forgiving on an 8, and fine on a 4. 
STORY: This dress caused Diane von Furstenberg to write her autobiography... When DVF hits a homer it's the staple of your wardrobe--and this was mine for one summer. So, I was wearing it at a party and I got in conversation with a DVF fan who recognized the look. She was a book editor and because of that conversation, next day she went to DVF's agent to see if he could persuade her to write her (first) autobiography. He duly did (he is very persuasive: he's Andrew Wylie). And a year later: A Signature Life 


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