Yeohlee Sheer Pinstripe Blouse, 1990s


A very simple but tres elegant blouse in sheer black with white pinstripe. There's a covered placket, with the stripe on the diagonal, a high mandarin collar and no cuffs. Size is Medium: could fit anyone up to a 10. 

STORY: I scored this from the original Refashioner--which I think I must have built in order to give clothes away. It was a swap, and I had so very much credit in hand, I thought I should probably use some. I'd just interviewed Yeohlee and written about her new store for Interior Design magazine and thought she was inspiring, and I loved her clean lined, very pricy, made-in-Manhattan clothes--which are always described as "architectural". And of course I love black, and I adore a stripe. So you can see how this happened. I thought it would be a featherweight over layer: which it still can be! 


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