Tom Ford Gucci Leather Skirt


Possibly the perfect leather skirt, this is in the softest smoothest black leather, constructed in four pieces, with a separate belt secured by thin double beltloops. There's a side zip, full cupro lining, and an eight inch vent in back. Size 44 (Italian), made in Italy. 

Measurements: waist 32", hips 38", length 22"

STORY: I bought just about every piece from every collection Tom Ford did for Gucci and YSL. A couple of years ago I got a call from the Tom Ford people. "We hear you have an amazing collection of Tom's pieces," they said. "Would you consider parting with them?" Well, I thought, maybe now that I'm a startup entrepreneur not raking in a massive salary...  "Sure," I said. "How much are you offering?" "Oh, no money. We thought you could donate it to our archive." So I told them no thanks. And here they are. 

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