Tom Ford YSL Chiffon Laced Poet Blouse


Darkly romantically sexy black silk chiffon blouse--part courtesan, part poet. Clever construction has corset lacing down the front with (deliberately) frayed chiffon ties in rows of grommets, that loosen at the top into a plunging V-neck, and more lacing at the waist in back. But don't worry--you can leave it permanently laced since there's a hidden zipper on the left side--please note, the larger part of the pull has come off this, which is annoying, but it still works and it can be replaced easily. The belled sleeves have more ties at the cuffs, really long ties, again deliberately frayed. It's a French 42--a 10, but it can be laced tighter, or loosened. (Please excuse the model's déshabille, laces over the crotchal area...) 

STORY: I bought just about every piece from every collection Tom Ford did for Gucci and YSL. A couple of years ago I got a call from the Tom Ford people. "We hear you have an amazing collection of Tom's pieces," they said. "Would you consider parting with them?" Well, I thought, maybe now that I'm a startup entrepreneur not raking in a massive salary...  "Sure," I said. "How much are you offering?" "Oh, no money. We thought you could donate it to our archive." So I told them no thanks. And here they are. 

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