Mirror Shine Silver Prada Wedge


These are bright silver shiny leather high wedge sandals with a skinny ankle strap. The heel's over 4 inches high, and there's no platform--this is not a beginner's shoe. Size 39.5 with some wiggle room owing to the open toe--but not much.  The box is intact, but probably too big to ship--do state if you really really want it. You'll get the dustbags either way. 

Measurements: Insole Length : 10.5", Insole Width: Ball of foot 3.25" and Heel 2", Sole Length : 8", Heel Height: 4"

STORY: Bought for a wedding (how many times has this been said in the history of shopping?), and worn to the wedding. And never again. It's like wearing your own personal ski slope, and I cannot walk in hills. 

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