How To Only Buy What you Love

Here are the 7 magic shopping questions that zhoozh your style & save you money. They stop mistakes!


  1. Do I want to wear it out of the store? (No? Leave it hanging)

  2. Do I already have it? (me, I have a dozen black pants, I wear two) 

  3. Do I have occasion to wear it? (Ballgowns are of limited use)

  4. Do I want this for my alternate personality? (that attraction to the not-me)

  5. Do I want it at twice the price? (An unworn bargain is pricey)

  6. Do I fit in it now? (You will not lose ten pounds)

  7. Do I think it's useful? (It's not useful, it's boring)


The Single Best Solution

Buy what's already owned


  • You can afford far better, fancier, pieces

  • You get a unique garment, or close

  • You will evolve your personal style

  • You discover how old clothes have souls

  • You won't look like everyone else