Your new property is sound, but you need permits, zoning, CofO changes. This takes time.


It sits empty. You hope for further gentrification, not deterioration & vermin, but it's beyond your control. 


We Give You Control

Call it superstaging. When you're ready, we hand your property back, better. 

Everybody Wins

Your investment gains value. The interiors become showrooms (at no cost to you). The neighborhood gets elevated.

We are the artists, designers, retailers, writers, and performers who have always made the next neighborhood happen. We need space for our passion projects. 


Who We Are

Between us, and through our extended circles we have easy access to the most incredible talent pool in many disciplines, including plenty of well known people for that extra buzz. We are dying to mobilize our fresh salon of influential, exciting creators. 


Kate Sekules: Pioneer in the booming market of fashion resale, and veteran of 25 years writing, editing and reporting on the luxury market in food and travel, Kate is host, event planner, speaker, author, vintage expert (and ask her about boxing). Her lifelong mission is to REvive, REuse, REstore, REmake. Having done it for clothes, she now wishes to do it for REal estate. 


Demi Adeniran: Multi-disciplinary designer with 20 years' experience creating interiors both residential and commercial, often in collaboration with leading architects such as Tsao and McKown, Robert A.M. Stern, and Silvetti and McCado. Much published (NY Times, Domino, New York, Elle Décor, W). Demi teaches Interiors, Product, and Fashion design at Parson's.


This page is housed (unlinked) on Kate's site Refashioner. Click here for more on the business, here for the fashion industry context and here for more about Kate.