Basket Print 1960s Maxi Dress


A very unusual basketweave or knitting print, like an early version of those photographic print fabrics, on a pure nylon Hawaiian label --Maluna-- sleeveless ankle length hostess gown. The shape is pure 1969, so I'm assuming that's when it dates from. Square neck and low square back, with a gorgeous oversized faux-bow that fastens with a snap. It's size 6, but VINTAGE 6, which is more, well, size zero. That is: 0. Yes there's some forgiveness in the hip area, but no leeway in the bust. Believe me, I've tried.


STORY: Oh how I love this dress! I desperately want to wear it. But didn't try it on, and though I know how vintage sizing works, I sort of believed the "6" because I wanted to. It is not even close to a 6. I've never seen one like this. Snap it up!  


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