Donegal Tweed 1960s Bespoke Suit


Here's a pencil skirt and boxy jacket in a houndstooth tweed of deep orange and leaf green on beige. The style (and its age) is pure 1962 Jackie Kennedy, Mad Men Season Two, very Lady, but now maybe it'll look better split up, the skirt with combat boots, the jacket with jeans. The size marking is meaningless-- 12. It's about size 4. The labels that matter tell you that this is Made from Pure New Wool in County Donegal, Ireland  as certified by the Trademark of the Donegal Handwoven Tweed Association. The second label's even better: a Celtic Lord with a Lyre, a spear and cross garters, and  "BORÜ. Made in the Republic of Ireland by Jimmy Hourihan of Dublin". As in: the tailor is named in embroidery! You can see the painstaking handwork in parts, especially the linings, both of which are silk. The skirt one is different--a lovely jazzy madras-like plaid-- and seems to have been replaced at some point, probably by the same person who visibly mended the waistband. There's a tiny fault around the middle of the skirt--see the detail. It really isn't noticeable. That jacket is a great shape; single vent, three buttons, two pockets, modest lapel. I hope someone will actually wear this! 

Measurements: skirt: waist 26", hip 39", length 24". Jacket: chest 38", shoulder 15", length 22", sleeve 21"

STORY:  I bought it as a pet, slightly pretending to myself that I would wear it, but fooling nobody. I am in love with Mr Jimmy Hourihan of Dublin's beautiful pickstitched lining, and the adorable mismatched silk plaid lining in the skirt and the funny yet expert mend at the waistband. And those colors! But I look about 90 in it. You should be probably under 30 to rock this. Hurry and buy it or my 12-year-old will snaffle it. 

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