"FANNY BRICE": Edwardian Funny Girl, 60s Streisand & Irene Sharaff combo inspires this eclectic vintage fan


I get a double hit choosing the fabulous Fanny as my style avatar: The amazing ahead-of-her-time comedienne of the first half of the 20th century, and Barbra Streisand playing her in her breakout performance and probably her most iconic role of all, Funny Girl. So in fashion terms that's a touch of Edwardian, a whole lot of Flapper, some terrifying ageing toddler action (Brice's Baby Snooks, a pesky little girl mostly confined to radio), and a 1969 Technicolor version of all that, filtered through the brilliance of costume designer Irene Sharaff. Irene Sharaff was one of the major genii of screen design, responsible for many of my personal favorites (Gaslight, Meet Me In St Louis, An American In Paris, Guys & Dolls, The King & I, West Side Story) and the worthy recipient of five Academy Awards (runner up to Edith Head's 8). So I get to hide behind a lot of fashion glory here. 

Fanny is my darling, but this is about me...

  • I'm from....


  • Therefore I dress:

Too warm for the season

  • Now I live in:

Big Apple's bigger Apple: a.k.a. Brooklyn

  • If I were an item of clothing, I'd be...

Something tailored and Technicolored

  • Things in my closet I couldn't live without:

Several of my vintage treasures 

  • I can't resist...

A flapper dress, a 70s print

  • I wouldn't be seen dead in...


  • I know I shouldn't, but I....

Spend way too long changing clothes

  • I am (blonde, brunette, ginger, silver, color not found in nature...):

Totally varies

  • Heels or flats?

Heels but not crazy high

  • Polished or scrappy?

Aiming for polished

  • Sequins or lace?


  • Diamonds, pearls or paste?

A few diamonds, lucky me


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