Broken Brides Comme des Garçons Dress


This Comme des Garçons bustled halterneck dress is an astonishing--and highly wearable--piece from the most iconic 2005 Broken Brides collection. It's a pieced, bustled, asymmetrical black cotton halterneck dress that's best understood by looking at the pictures--there's all sorts of ruching and gathering going on. It fastens by a 16" side zip and contains a LOT of black cotton: the skirts are circular at least, and the whole thing is very heavy. The official size is small, but note the measurements because there is no give at all in the cut of the bodice. 

Measurements: Bust 32", waist 26", length of neck strap 24", length front top of bodice to hem 36", back to hem 29"

STORY: This has been hanging in my closet causing equal parts guilt and joy for so long, it's time to let it go. 

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