Steampunk Breeches with Suspenders


Fun breeches with suspenders, as you see, there are details belonging to the real historic thing, but this is the cosplay version. Two pair here, the tan ones on the model have buckles at the knee, buckle in back. The suspenders have two (total of four) positions; no lining, button fly. The maroon ones are a bit more solidly made, fully lined, belt loops, zip fly, a row of six functional buttons down the side. Suspenders are fixed on this pair, and they're not gathered at the knee like plus fours but are more: bermuda. The fabric isn't marked but I'm pretty sure it's poly, not cotton.  They're made in China, size English 14, which they are decidedly not. Also they are a pretty different size from each other--see below. They do look good loose though.

Measurements: Tan: waist 32", hip 48", rise 11", inside leg 16"

Maroon: waist 28", hip 44", rise 10", inside leg 12"

STORY: I had this whole obsession with FanPlusFriendGarden in Japan and got loads of pieces, of which I wore... Not all of them. Both these got left in storage, as you see from the hang tags. They do really amazing cosplay steampunk gear which hits my cosplay steampunk spot. 

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