Yellow Floral 1950s Dress, Laced Back


Supersweet fairytale of a dress in an impressionistic floral cotton chintz (slightly glazed) of grays, brown, yellow and cream. From the front it's a plain boatneck shift, but turn around and there's a crisscross of black velvet ribbons, simulating bodice lacing, and a nice loose kickpleat. There's a side zip--metal of course--and it's unlined. No labels, but it's about a size 10. It's in fine vintage condition, but the bow part of the black ribbon is sort of permanently squashed--see the pic.

Measurements: Bust 38", Waist 30", length 44"

STORY: I have loved this dress for many many years, and it means a lot to me, even though it is very far from my color scheme and not my size. The last time I wore it was on my then-boyfriend's birthday. We'd just met and what he really wanted to do was have me cook for him. What he didn't know was that I was all but phobic about cooking for men, or rather, one man, the man I was dating man. It brought out the feminist in me, which didn't need much outbringing, being always out, and made me instantly worried about being a domestic drudge. That made no sense, since I love cooking, and think it's an art, but it was beyond my control. Anyway, I liked him a whole lot, so I said yes, and wore a satirical cookery outfit to get me through: the most authentically 1950s suburban housewife dress I had--this one--and no shoes. Barefoot in the kitchen. He's my husband now.


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