Vintage Pastoral Scene Tapestry Purse

An adorable little purse featuring what looks like, though probably isn't, hand worked tapestry: a pastoral scene surrounded by letters. The hilarious thing is the letters are unfathomable: WUVRSTUVUVWR they say, as if someone was very bad at the alphabet. The design is the same both sides, which is how we know it isn't really the work of some maiden in the 1920s. In fact I think it's from a small factory in the 1950s. The canvas is coming away from the frame a little on one side. It's lined in black cotton and has a little chain strap. 

Measurements: 8" x 6"

STORY: I just thought it was sweet: fell for the silly alphabet I guess. But I am not a dainty purse gal, and this one sure is dainty. 

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