Michiyuki Kimono, Showa Period


This is a Michiyuki, the kind of kimono worn not with an obi, but as you see here, as a short square necked coat. It's fastened by two snaps, with tapes to tie at the waist. As far as I can tell, it's from the mid to late Showa period, or, as we call it, the Seventies. The silk reads as black with red polkadots, but in fact it's black with charcoal gray woven in, and the dots are irregular. The lining is a lovely orange, buff and green lotus print. No labels of any sort. 

Measurements: Length 40", chest 46", Sleeve drop 18"

STORY: I got it--where else?-- in Tokyo, and imagined I'd wear it as a glamorous dressing gown. I didn't. 

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